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I have a 18x18x18 cube with a pine stand painted black, i can text pics of it upon request. Its rimless, 1/4" glass brand new.

36" 4x36 watt PC (straight pin, bulbs included). This is aluminum, external ballast, very thing. Works/looks great.

Awesome book, like new. Great photos, and great to use when picking out your next addition.

10 gallon desk canopy and stand:

I dont have the tank or any of the equipment besides the canopy, mini stand and retro kit pictured. You will also get teh 2x55 watt PC retro kit i used with this setup, a bit rusty from the years of use but it all works great and looks great on the outside.

Eshopps coral viewer - New

Quiet one 4000 Pump - New in box SOLD

Hydor Performer 400 skimmer

Frank Hoff's comprehensive guide to breeding clowns, read a few times great shape

Reef notes vol. 1,2,3,

PM me with offers or questions. No trades at this time.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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