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260 gallon great lakes aquarium 96"x26"x24",powder coated metal stand, 90g great lakes sump has the media basket that sits on rails at the top, drilled for external pump, sump has never had water in it. one of the baffles is cracked but still intact, i sat something in it and cracked it like a dummy. tank is dusty from sitting for a bit but clean. also has egg crate inserts for the top. Tank is 10' from walkout basement door, easy out. You will still need 5-6 guys to move it, it's around 600-650lbs if I remember correctly.

90g oceanic(needs cleaning), wood stand with bottom cabinet, 29g aquatic America sump. tank has scratches, built like a tank though.

Biocube 29 (clean)with a solid wood stand. I found the stand at a garage sale, it's an antique work station of sorts, it's solid wood and heavy, I plastidipped it black but can easily be peeled off.

Reef breeders photon 48 V1, I used this for maybe 4 months tops. has remote.

Reef octopus NW-110-6520b skimmer.

2x koralia 850gph power heads.

Coral life 48" 2 bulb t5.

40ish lbs of really nice rock.

90 GPD Spectrapure RODI, filters will need to be replaced I'd imagine.

Misc stuff- some plumbing parts, tubing, etc

$1400.00 for everything.

Long story short I started with the 90, bought the 260 off a member on here, bought the biocube to house my fish while i switched over, biocube crashed and all my fish died. i rage quit and it's been sitting ever since.

Don't want to sell separately if I can help it. Feel free to PM me if you'd like/need more pictures.


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