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270g acrylic tank, stand, optional LEDs for sale

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I'm moving to a new home and having trouble seeing how my current 270g tank would fit in at the new house. So, I'm gauging interest in selling it.

I've included a few pics of when it was first set up. I'm still trying to get it cleaned up nice for more recent pics. It looks pretty much the same as new now though (been running for just under 2 years). There are a couple minor scratches, that I tried taking pics of. But, they are so shallow/light, they aren't showing up in the pictures..

I had the tank custom made at Tenecor Aquariums. And, while I wasn't happy with their customer service at all, the tank is well made.

It's 6'w x 2't x 3'd. It's got a blue back panel and an external overflow with (2) 1 1/2" drains and (2) 3/4" returns. It is also drilled for a closed loop with (1) 1 1/2" intake centered on the back panel and (4) 3/4" returns a few inches above the bottom to stir up detritus. The top access panels were made as large as possible for this size of a tank and include covers which have never been used.

I made the stand by hand. It's got a 2x4 base, and then skinned with plywood and a good amount of nice trim put around it and then painted black.

You can see my full build thread here for more info and pics of the stand and tank:

I'm asking $1250 for the tank, stand, CL pump (Water Blaster 5000) and all the plumbing.

I'm not selling any of the remaining equipment at this time. If the tank doesn't sell, I will find a place for it in the new house and will need all of the current equipment..

But, to prospective buyers of the tank/stand, the LED light fixture, sump, return pump, skimmer, and most everything else is available for an additional price..

Not looking for any trades at this time.

Please post a reply here or PM me with any questions.. Thanks!


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I'm not entertaining any offers on the LEDs until the tank/stand is SOLD. Thanks!
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Some more information..

The tank is currently up and running. I will need to sell off some livestock before I can disconnect the tank from my system.

I am expecting the tank/stand to be available at the earliest of early March.

If you are interested in the entire setup, from the tank/stand and lights to the supporting equipment in the basement, shoot me a PM for a price list of what equipment would be included and the cost. Please don't ask me for prices of individual pieces of equipment, as none of that is available at this time. When the tank/stand are gone, I will post what equipment is left over at that time. Thanks for your consideration.

Also, if you want the whole setup, you would need to wait for my new tank to be set up at the new house and all of the livestock that I'm keeping to be transferred to the new setup. So, that wouldn't be available until Mid to late March.

Thanks again.

I think I have all PMs replied to.

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Pics from tonight:

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I've decided to keep the tank for now.

Mods, please close this thread.
I'm very interested. Where are you located and when can I swing by to check it out?
Sorry, this system is no longer for sale.
Looks like an awesome system. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to get in into the new house. I'm facing a similar situation... it'll be a pain in the butt moving it but it's only one day of agony and then you get to enjoy it again for a long time afterward! :0)
Yeah, I'm actually looking forward to having the tank down for a week or two to give me some time to re-do the rock work and clear up a couple issues hopefully.

I'll update my member tank thread once she's set back up in the new place! :)
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