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29g Biocube HQI

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Like the title says I'm looking to get back in with a Biocube 29g HQI. Have a big tank to set up but I have a kid on the way so I'd like an easier setup. If you're looking for a big setup I have a great high end setup and we could work a deal out. If you don't want to trade thats fine, ill pay cash. Let me know.
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text me i have 29 hqi 574 596 7569 i even put a overflow and a external sump/refugium so it has 40 gallon total system water and a eshopps 100 skimmer
what are you looking to pay and in what condition are you looking for?
Text sent. I'm looking for as close to new as I can get. Price depends on quality but price is the least of my concerns.
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