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I have a 29 gal biocube with tons of extras and upgrades. moved to a smaller apartment and just don't have the room.

tank specs.
rapid led solderless upgrade with dimmable drivers. has control nods on side of stand for color and intensity control.
all hood wires are on connectors for easy removal
has sicce 1.5 return pump in rear chamber
2 korilla nanos on a up to four pump wave maker
upgraded stealth fans in hood
rapid led moon light kit installed on heat sink
coralife timer power strip for light control
115 skimmer in first chamber
150w stealth heater
filstar 305gph 3 basket canister filter
phosban reactor with mj600 pump

30 pounds live sand
mix of zoos/pollys/zanias
2 bubble tips and a long tentacle
skunk shrimp
mated pair of maroons they do lay eggs but other tank inhabitants make sure to clean those up
lots of snails turbo/Mexican
20-30 hermit crabs
bi-color blenny
purple chromes
lots of all types of mushrooms

full bucket of salinity salt
mixing buckets and all that go with fish maintenance
2 api master test kits
lots of dried and frozen food

asking 300
need gone asap

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