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Hi all,

I have two Coralife HQI 150 Watt Metal Halide pendants I would like to sell. I'm asking $125 each or $225 for both or make me an offer. Originally $250 each. They are sturdy and nice looking lights. They used to be over my 65 gallon and grew everything from softies to SPS. Would do great together on a moderate sized tank or a single one on a small tank. Bulbs not included. I'm willing to drive short distances (~20 miles)

20150824_192811_zpsqmbofns1.jpg Photo by Steven_Risko | Photobucket

20150824_192836_zps8t1cgehf.jpg Photo by Steven_Risko | Photobucket

20150824_192851_zpskoagwpbr.jpg Photo by Steven_Risko | Photobucket
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