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I am selling my first salt water tank. 30 gallon (18.5"T x 30"W x 12.5"D). It has 2 holes drilled in the back left (1.5") and right (1"). It was converted into a refugium, and has 4 glass baffles. The first one is cracked, and the other 3 would need to be re-calked before use or they can be easily removed. The back of the tank is painted black. I will also throw in a custom overflow i made for the tank. This tank has no leaks.

It is dirty, and i haven't cleaned it, so there is salt creep and crusties on it. But it should shine up nicely. There is still some sand in it, I can throw in a 3/4 full 5 gallon bucket of sand as well if you want it.

Asking $40 firm.

Thanks for looking

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