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Looking at getting out. Too much going on to maintain this size tank.

I have a 6ft x 3ft x 2ft tall Acrylic Tank, Stand
Single overflow center back of tank with two 1.5" stand pipes.
6ft 100 gallon glass tank for a sump
46" Acrylic sump
Mag 12, Mag 9.5 return pumps
CoraLife 36 watt UV Sterilizer (with extra bulb)
Current USA LOOP Light - Three - 72 Inch LED light strips (could add a fourth)
(This system will control return pumps and wave makers)
200 lbs lace rock (extra large pieces)
300 lbs marco rock

Not Interested in any Trades

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Bump for lower price and lighting option

$1700 Two lighting options

Orbit Marine PRO ( two high output led bars)

To get the greatest colors and growth out of your corals, Current-USA incorporated a wider spectrum of high powered SMD LED chips. Specifically designed for live coral reef tanks, the Orbit Marine PRO provides the PAR, light spectrum and necessary wavelengths for strong growth and brilliant color in SPS and LPS corals. Combined with our new dome optics it spreads light more evenly throughout your entire aquarium, ensuring your substrate doesn't look like a disco floor!

LED Colors
Warm White - 6,500K
Cool White - 8,000K
Magenta - Indigo
Royal Blue - 445mn
Ultraviolet - 415nm
Deep Blue - 453nm
Ramp Timer Pro LED Controller
Programmable 24 hour on and off time
Adjustable daylight and moonlight color and intensity
Automatically simulates sunrise, sunset and moonlight
Four dynamic effects and presets including cloud cover, fading lunar and storm with lightning
Four memory locations for custom time schedules and coral acclimation

Description Watts # Royal Blue # Deep Blue # UV # Cool White # Warm White # Magenta Total LED's

72" Orbit Marine Pro 100 48 48 24 24 20 12 176


The Orbit Marine IC PRO ( three led light bars ) less than 6 months old.

The Orbit™ Marine IC PRO LED produces eye-popping color and shimmer while giving you complete 24-hour control to simulate sunrise, sunset, moonlight.

The optional adjustable tank mount brackets will make your lighting system look sleek on any aquarium and 90° spherical optical lenses provide superior color blending while penetrating deep into your reef.

Dual LED lighting system with full spectrum and dual actinic output, producing strong coral growth and color
Advanced 90 degree optical lenses for superior color blending and penetration
Programmable 24 hour on/off time, daily weather patterns
Adjustable dawn, dusk, daylight and moonlight color spectrum
Wireless remote control included, upgradeable to Bluetooth® for mobile devices
Wave pump ready! Built-in wave pump controller & HUB
What`s Included: Each Orbit™ Marine IC PRO LED system includes two Orbit™ IC LED fixtures with adjustable docking legs, 12VDC UL approved transformers, wireless LOOP® IC lighting & wave pump controller, Orbit IC lighting & wave pump HUB system, mounting hardware and complete instructions.

Fits Aquariums: 72"
Max. Watts: 144
Dimensions 70.8" x 7.5" x 0.44"
Dual Actinic: 445nm/460nm LEDs: 72/72
Dual Daylight: 6,700K/ 10,000K LEDs: 56/56
RGB LEDs: 32
Total LEDs: 288
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