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300 gallon still waiting for

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I did something last night and I wanted everyones opinion on. As some of you know I've been waiting for my 300 gallon acrylic flatback hex since earlier this year. The first company took 9wks and made the flatback hex with seams in the front panel. And then said it would cost double to make it that way. That was back in May. The new copany gave the LFS a qoute on May26 for a tank with no seams in the front panel, so I oked that. Five weeks later I asked where is my tank, LFS ttried calling the company and couldn't get ahold of them. So they gave me the # and I tried and finally got them. Their excuse was they couldn't read the credit card # on the fax but they never called the LFS about it. So now the tanks was going to take another 3wks to build. The deadline was a week and half ago.Long story short, I told the LFS last night if I don't get me tank in a week, I want my money back. I thought I've been very patient and civil about this. I know it's not the LFS's fault, but I think I've waited longer than I should have. I just wanted everyones opinion. If this is in the wrong forum please move it. Thanks for letting me vent.

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The LFS has had my money since the first tank. And they used thier CC for the reorder. I could get a hold of the company but not the owner or anyone that could help me. They were always out of the office or out of town. I guess unless you order a whole store of tanks you don't get good service anymore. The tank is
84"x36"x24" and a flatback hex. The company is a well known co.
I just hope I get it. My dream has turned into a nightmare. My livestock is the ones who really suffered. Everything is in a 150gallon stock tank and 90 gallon AGA with a 50breeder sump/fug. Most of my stuff I haven't truelly seen since I sold my other tanks. When the original was suppose to be here. This 90 is a recent addition so I could see some of my stuff. But you know you can't keep moving corals around and them really liking it too much, so I haven't. Thanks for you thoughts on this. I just didn't want to seem like a pain to the LFS, but I've had enough.

Thanks again,
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