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300G Breakdown (Live rock, Fish, Equipment)

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Like so many before me, I have to breakdown my 300G and everything must go (Having a new child takes more $$$ and time than I thought...). Ideally the fish and rock will all be gone before I release the equipment and tank. I am selling equipment right now, if interested in the remaining equipment please let me know.

I'm not trying to make a money on this, so if you think one of my prices seem out of line please feel free to let me know. With Rocks, I will most likely give price discounts for bulk purchases.

I have some pictures... but I don't know how to upload them to this site, so if there is something you are interested in PM me and I will text you a photo. (FYI the photos are a little blurry because I have been slacking off on cleaning the front of the tank)

1- Foxface (~3-4") - $10 - pending
1- Sailfin Tang (~3") Adult - $10 - Pending
1- Coral Banded Shrimp - $ 5 - Pending
1- Bubble Tip Anemone (Rose) - $30 - sold
7 or 8 -Bartlett Anthias (~3 inches (I think I have 7 of these, maybe 8) - $15 - all sold
1- Trigger (Forgot name, looks like blue throated, but it's not. I bought it from Pet connection for like $100 dollars) - $25 sold
1- Tang (not a kole tang, but something similar, again I bought this from Pet connection, and it was like $120) - $25 - sold
1- Blue Hippo Tang (~6 inches) - $15
1- orange Clown (Pair, 3" Female, 2" male) - $10 for pair - sold
2- Black clowns - $10 each - Sold

~100 lbs - Live rock with Mushrooms (Purple, Green, Bumpy), or Polyps- $3/lbs
~100 lbs - Live rock with coralline algae (Purple) - $2/lb
~300lbs - Live rock (Base, and Top), no algae - $1/lb

3- Vortech mp40wES - $175 each all sold
2- Hammerhead gold pump - $250 Each
4- Hydra 52 LEDs( I have them setup for 4 in a row hanging, if you only want some of them you will most likely have to buy some new mounting items) - $300 Each - pending
1-200 INT Bubble king with 3yr old Red Dragon pump - $350
1- AI director - $33 - pending
1- Apex controller (8 plug box, ph probe, temp probe, display) - $275 - sold
1- Apex WXM controller (Vortech pumps) - $50 - sold
1- Hammerhead magnetic cleaner for acrylic that is 1/2 thick - $20

300 gallon tank (96"L x 30" tall x 24" W) - $50 <-- You need to bring the guys to move this out of my basement. It's not that heavy, it took me and friend to get it down stairs, but it might take more to get it upstairs... - Pending
75 gallon (Drilled on the side, used as a fuge) - $25
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If the ai hydras are for sale,I will buy the 4 of them.

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