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30G NUVO and lots of stuff for sale - 1500

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Fully established 30G NUVO and lots of stuff for sale

Thinking about getting out of hobby after 12-years....
30 gallon reef tank established for 7 years (Nuvo 30 AIO+black stand) with home built Cree >75W +UV +RGB LED fixture with Arduino controller. Icecap Gyre wave maker.
Also includes multiple pumps, power heads, RO/DI system with water mixing station, Lumini Aqua hanging led housing and lots of LEDs and LED power supplies, refractometer, water testing kit, food and chemicals. HOB filter used as a refugium, small skimmer, auto feeder, etc.

20G long tank converted to all in one with metal stand. 10G tank converted to all in one. Some egg crates and GU10 leds and holders with small home-made fixture
Lots of electronic components with high power LEDs (multi channel white+RBlue leds on one pod), power supplies, heat sinks, Arduino and other electronic boards.

Getting out of hobby so anything related to reef keeping need to go away. Willing to help set up the tank and may need more than one trip and more than one day for the move. I live near Ann Arbor Costco.

Please PM or text (preferred 517-882-0759) for more info or images.
Here is the link for the Craigslist post

More pictures: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12VoVltU3kqzEYN4IPmfsFMUUc3GDuE_d

$1500 for everything
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Still available...lots of interest in parts but not planning to break up.
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