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Hi Reefers!

Here is my new tank I would like to share progress with along the way. This has been running for 7 months, but I have had it running in my care for 3 days now. I purchased the running setup from a guy who lives right by me. The transfer went very smoothly! So let's start with the setup.

40 gal Nuvo Fusion by Innovative Marine
This is the all in one tank with the filtration in the back
The sump portion, there are two filter socks (one on each overflow), activated carbon, and filter sponges. (No in tank media baskets). Then the standard pump that comes with this setup.

Lighting is the kessil A160we with spectral controller.
Power head is Sicce Voyager Nano 264 gph
Aquatop 150 watt heater

Livestock in the tank
-Percula Clown
- Purple firefish
- 2 Pajama Cardinals
- About 6 Astrea snails
- About 5 Hermits
- maybe 1 Nassarius snail
- 2 trochus ( from my previous setup)
- 1 Fire Shrimp (from my previous setup)

I'd say about 30ish pounds of rock?
-Huge GSP colony ( I placed this rock by itself to try and contain it from taking over)
- Pink tip frogspawn ( mine previously)
- Kenya tree (mine previously)
- Xenia Frag (mine previously) want to contain this as well like GSP

I am loving the tank so far, future plans are to invest in a skimmer and ato ASAP, does anyone have a good setup for the kessil spectral controller for a tank this size. Also my light is about 10 inches from the water surface but seems like I am getting a good amount of lost light spillover, can I move it down? What would be a good height?

I am trying to figure out how to add photos so they will be up ASAP
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