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It is time to take a break from the hobby.
I have decided to sell my 46 gallon bow front salt water aquarium.
(I will update with pictures ASAP)

46 gallon tank
stand and glass tops
36" Aquatic Life Edge LED's
36" Ecoxotic Panorama LED's
AquaTops canister filter
10 gallon sump tank
Eshopp's overflow box
return pump and ALL plumbing
Reef Octopus HOB protein skimmer
200 W heater
full bucket of salt
chemicals and test kits

about 50 lbs of live rock
about 20 lbs of live sand

Coral Beauty
Snowflake clown fish
orange goby
pistol shrimp
couple of crabs and snails
small leather and zoa

$600 OBO

Please call or text (586)709-2774.

(I apologize to those I did not respond to, back in November 2015. I did not realize I had some private messages)
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