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48" 6 bulb non dimmable ATI Sunpower ($350)
-Has bulbs but they are at least 6 month old. Two probably need to be replaced, they look a little dim.
- Needs 4 rubber fan mounts from ATI. I accidentally broke them.
- The ATI fan adapter broke but I replaced it with a new generic adapter that still has the volt selector 3v-12v
- Does not come with hanging kit, just the part already attached to the fixture
- Other than above, in very good shape. Acrylic shield has minor wear and tear from sliding on and off, but no big scratches or hazing. Body has minimal scratches and very little corrosion.

Slim Skim Nano ($50)
-Used for about two years. Still in good condition.

Intank Coralife Biocube 29 Media Basket ($25)
-Used for two years. In good condition. Comes with both water directors.

Dry Tropic Eden Tonga Pink Reef Flake 30 Pounds ($30)
-Two 15 pound bags. Never been opened

Biocube 29 Glass Cleaner magnet
-Free if you buy something and want it.

Best way to contact me is text 313 590 3407

Text me for Pics
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