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48" AquaticLife 2x150W Metal Halide + T5 Combo $160 obo - moving must go!

Hey all! If you're looking to get some powerful metal halides for cheap this could be for you!

AquaticLife 48" HID Metal Halide / T5 Actinic with LED moonlights and timer.
2x150W metal halides + 2x54W T5 lamps
Product Info Link

Issues with the light (please read!):
Occasionally, the halide lamps won't turn off. By this I mean the timer operates correctly, but the internal relay switch to the halides doesn't work. Messing with the timer and unplugging the unit doesn't always fix it, but the problem goes away after a day or two. This has happened a 3-4 times in the last year. The fixture is about 6 years old so it's not under warranty.

Includes an extra new actinic T5, and HID halide lamp, and the hanging hardware.

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Bump for $160 or best offer
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