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I'm changing plans and would now like to buy

1) glass tank drilled in bottom with overflow that is 48" across. Obviously this could be a 75, 90, 120 gallon tank...
2) Sump with refuge approximately 24-30" in width.
3) oak stand for 48" tank, can be oak or painted (preferably white, but I can repaint if necessary).
4) canopy for 48" stand.

Reply if you have the entire package or a individual items. I'll be heading to Lansing swap also if you have pics in advance and we can come to an agreement. Can also travel along the I-94 corridor or anywhere from Toledo to Flint area.


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Like new 75 gal Reef Ready Deep Blue tank, only used 3 months $150
includes return and drain stand pipe plumbing & Bulkheads. Can deliver to swap!!

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