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4x39w t5ho - $60 obo - deep blue solar xtreme

reduced to $60 obo. will consider trades for coral, fish,and other equipment.

i have a deep blue solar xtreme 36"
this light is similar to wavepoint branded fixtures except it has added programability i havent seen on a WP fixture.

this is a 4 bulb t5 fixture. it features:
2 programmable channels to run blues and whites seperately. LCD display
1 cord is better than two (gfci plug went bad on this. i've since replaced with a small appliance plug)
individually contoured reflector
4x moonlights
4x wavelength brand t5 bulbs (3 months)
1x ATI blue plus (3 months)
glass splashguard that bolts in with rubber seal to protect endcaps/lamps

also some used and good for nothing but color supplementation all 12 months+
2x ATI blue plus
1x ATI purple plus
1x ATI aquablue special

EDIT: now only asking 60. managed to break the sliding mount for the legs on the light. here's a link where you can buy both the legs and the leg mounts for $11. LINKAGE!

open to trade for frags, skimmer (reef octo, bubble magnus preferred), or whatever else you have to offer.

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