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Like a great fighter I came out swinging in the 10th.... Keeping the tank for now, going to color up the rbta and coral and then Jack up prices.

Fighting hair algea and the algea has won.

50 breeder 50 bucks
36" t5 4 bulb set up, 3 bulbs 3 weeks old 100
2 occy clowns hosting in 2 rbta's that are bleaching 50 (clowns are healthy)
1 sunrise dotty 20
1 dual cpr bak pak with 2 maxi jet 1200 75
1 maxi jet set up to be a circulating pump (around 1200 gph) 15

misc coral include a healthy frogspawn the size of a softball, a few heads of hammer, and misc. zoos. Also have a large yuma with nice color and a few babies. 50 for it all

300 takes it all.

jump quick before I have time to take care of it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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