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Well established up and running salt water Fish tank. (just over 5 years running, has a lot of pods) 50 gallon tank with 50lbs of live sand and appx 75lbs of live rock. Both back sides measure 24 inches. Tank and stand measure 52 inches tall. (Protein skimmer slightly taller)
Tank has over hang protein skimmer, submersible heater,
4 stage canister filter (ceramic, charcoal, bio balls, and UV Sterilizer) filtering close to 375 gallons an hour. 18 inch Current USA Orbit Marine LED light fixture with programmable timer and remote.
Has all chemicals and salt needed for awhile.
Miscellaneous buckets and a few nice Styrofoam coolers.
Tank has 1 Green Chromis, and 1 Misbared Percula Clown Fish. 1 Mexican turbo snail, a few hermit crabs.
Will help take down, you haul away. Will not part out.
No trades. Cash only. POOS.
Any questions just ask.
Thanks for looking.


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