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50 gallon Oceanic with Starfire glass aquarium 30"w X 20"t X 18"d
Comes with black wood stand and canopy. Canopy contains 4 - 24" T5 fluorescent lights (Giesemann Pure Blue, Pure Actinic and two ATI Aquablue special) and a set of blue/moon light LEDs.
Rena Filstar Xp canister filter.
Remora AquaC protein skimmer.
Two Korialia power heads.
Green Killing Machine UV sterilizer with power head.
Aquarium is currently up and running. Live stock would include two Clown fish, Sea urchin, some snails and many (8)healthy Long Tentacle Anemone and various kinds of coral primarily trumpet coral or Caulastrea a few "mushrooms" and Zoanthids.
Roughly 50lbs of live rock
I will include every thing I use with this tank ( refractometer, mag pump. Etc.)
I also have 20 high and 10 gallon glass tanks I will throw in as well. At one time, I used the 20 for a quarantine tank.
With that said, tank (glass) is in great shape. The lights are about due for a change. And I'm not sure about the life of UV sterilizer.
Asking $300 obo. I'm not looking to separate this stuff right now.


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