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For Sale:

55 Gal full of live rock fiji and tonga branch, with some rather large pieces I might add...2 red leg hermits, a 225 coralife super skimmer, 30 inch 150 MH HQI/2x pc 65 watt 50/50 actinics with ballast. 150 MH HQI with ballast many power heads (hagen etc.) Large amounts of live sand. In addition, I have an partial bag of instant ocean, salifert CA and KH/DKH test kit...master test kit, specific gravity meter, algae scrappers, 2 hang on the back filters (aqua clear/penguin), aerator, mid size catalina aquariums return pump (great flow nearly new) overflow box with plumbing. Also, I will throw in a 20 gal sump refugium and a small addition skimmer for the 29 gal complete set up as well...would make a great frag/quarantine tank. $300 bucks!


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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