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55 Gallon Aquarium / Fish Tank System for sale - $450 OBO

Getting out sale. The system is setup and running. No leaks.

Main Tank Equipment

55 Gallon Aquarium (48x18x12)
Aquarium Stand - I left the wood unfinished
T-5 HO Lighting system (Four (4) T5 Bulbs, Reflector, Eight (8) LED Moon Lights)
- Lighting for Morning/Evening, Day, and Night
- Three switches and three power cords for easy use
- Zilla Power Center to automated lights
10 Gallon Sump Filter - Three Sections (Pre-Filter/Bio-Balls, Refugium, Return)
Marineland Advanced In-Sump Protein Skimmer
DIY Automatic top-off system
250 Watt Titanium Heater with Temperature Probe
Mag12 Return Pump ($150 pump - less than 1 month old)
Three Head return system (shutoff values, flow control, excess flow, PVC to flexible pipe for easy use, quick disconnect from pump)
Overflow box with two U-Pipes
Two (2) Thermometers (Main Tank & Sump)
Stand Pipe (makes overflow box quite)

Inside the Tank

Three (3) Clown Fish (1 Percula, 2 Ocellaris)
Peppermint Shrimp
Misc Blue Leg Crabs
Small Coral - I am not 100% sure, but I think this is a "Candy Cane"
2" Of Live Sand
80+ Pounds of Live Rock

Additional Equipment

Magnum 350 Canister Filter (I use this as a secondary filter for cleaning and Misc Uses)
- Three (3) Micron Cartilages
- Mechanical Cartilage (for use with active carbon, phosphate removers, etc.)
Two Empty Buckets
Bucket of Reef Crystals (very small amount, probably enough for 1 or 2 water changes)
Polyester Filter Cloth - Just under 8 square feet, enough to last a few years
Two (2) cleaning hoses with gravel filters
Misc Timer
Refugium Light
Cleaning Sponge
Three (3) Power Heads, different sizes
Two (2) Glass Heaters, different sizes
Air Pump and wand
Misc Chemicals
- Calcium Buffer - Part A & Part B
- Ten or so bottles of Essential Nutrients, pH increase, pH decrease, etc...
Test Kits
- Ammonia
- Nitrite
- Nitrate
- Calcium
- pH Wide Range
- pH High Range
- Freshwater Master Test Kit
Magnetic Glass Cleaner
Misc Dry Fish Food
Frozen Mysis Shrimp (this is their primary food)
Two (2) 1" Bulk Heads - Extras
Extra Bio-Balls
Large Net
Salinity/Gravity water tester

Also have a whole bin of freshwater stuff (rocks, plants, gravel, etc)

Lots of photos at: 55 Gallon Aquarium / Fish Tank System for sale
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