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55g set up

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I have a 55g complete set up. Has been running for a year and a half. Wood stand, coralife 125 skimmer custom 400 watt metal halide lite with 2 400watt spare bulbs brand-new (Krystal star 11k-sps10k) 30 gallon refugiume full of pods, macro and two large mangroves with a coralife 4 bulb 56w CPF light. Not sure what kind of return pump but will throw in a brand new hydor seltz L 740gph. Aqueon 200watt heater. Koralia 750gph powerhead. Not drilled. A 4 month old eshopps overflow box . Livestock- 2 occy clowns, 3 peppermint shrimp, xenia, gsp, 7 orange bam bams, 9 purple people eaters, 10 red people eaters, 18 purple deaths, colony of unknown zoas(50p), 20 purple reddish mushrooms, couple of limpets and chittons, 50 yellow zoas, and 80+lbs of premium live rock full of life sponges feather dusters brittle stars all kinds of life. Well over 1000$ invested all yours for 400$ great starter tank fully established.
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Interested in all the live rock and live stock and maybe the 400watt mh if it will over drive a 250watt bulb, the old heavy ballast .

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pm me thanks
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