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60" 8 Bulb Tek Light T5 Fixture with 10+ ATI T5 Bulbs

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• Aluminum body is lightweight, heavy duty and rust proof

• Accommodates ultra efficient, high output T5 lamps (sold separately)

• 95% reflective German aluminum reflectors

• Durable black powder coated finish

• Major brand electronic ballasts

• Sleek profile only 2.5 inches high

• 2 power switches and cords for better lighting control--allows independent use of timers

• Cool operation and NO noise

• Convection vents allows maximum air flow

• Two 8 foot power cords - 120 volt

Does have the acrylic protective sheet.

Also includes 10+ ATI bulbs that I bought from Tom Baker. They have around 3 months of use on them. There are a mix of Blue, Blue+, Coral Pro and Actinic.

60" L x 19.5" W x 2.5" H


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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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