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60 gallon cube with frag tank, and swap tank (high end equipment

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I am getting out. It has been a nice 9 years, but kids getting older, new job, and a move across the country has forced this. I have a very nice set up that I am now needing to get rid of.

I used this setup to grow and sell coral at swaps and online for about 4 years making around 6k to 10k a year.

$1,250 60 gallon cube with drilled 23 gallon frag tank (I ran them plumbed together), and rimless 23 gallon swap tank

60 gallon cube display with 20 gallon sump
Lights: 250 watt MH, 2X24 watt Actinic with bulbs
pumps: 2 vortech mp10w's with backup battery
Skimmer:Vertex IN-80
Reef keeper elite with 3 pc4 and SL1
2 two little fishies Phosphate reactors
2 BRS dosing pumps (with several packets of BRS calcium and Alk)
black stand for tank with canopy (canopy is fitted for MH with adjustable hieght, 2 T5 24watt, 2 fans to keep water cool, and Moonlight LED)
2nd black stand that goes beside tank to hold all of equipment and autotop off, I had this custom made. (top of stand comes off to put water in to container for ATO)
Kessil A350 with gooseneck used for swaps
Nova Extreem SLR 4 bulb 96 watt T5 fixture for frag tank
Return pump
Several misc heaters and pumps
packaging supplies for shipping insulated boxes
frag racks
fragging tools
fish bags
frag plugs
misc test kits
BRS high grad phosphate
Basically everything I have for this system (I spent well over $3,000 on all of this new)

For pictures please check out this link https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/geohawks-60-gallon-cube.100868/, or google Geohawks 60 gallon cube and it will come up

The display tank will need some cleaning, but everything is working, I have had the tank down for about a month. I want to sell this as a single unit for my convenience, I know I could get more money out of it parting it out, but I don't have the time

Send me PM for specific questions or if your interested
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Price reduced $1,000 I really dont want to break all of this up, but that will likely be the next step.
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