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60G rimless cube with bubble king and much more

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Well I took the tank down intending on setting it back up after I moved, however, it hasnt happened. I will be setting up a biocube system in the near future so if you have a 29G tank and stand let me know. Here is a link to my original build thread. it will give you pictures of most of the equipment. dont worry only a 1 page thread lol. I dont have a pic of the bubble king but I can get one upon request.


60G rimless cube 3 sided starfire glass. Drilled for the option to run closed loop. Stand has built in electrical that is on switches. SOLD

24" Sun Supply Maristar light fixture. 250W HQI on a bluewave ballast. 2-T5'S I also added a 24" Reefbrite fixture to it. makes the color look great. $200

Mega Flow model 4 acrylic sump. Sump is beat up but works just fine. doesnt leak or anything. sump would beat suitable for a tank twice the size.SOLD

Bubble King mini 160 skimmer. Dont need to say much more than that lol. this is without a doubt the best skimmer money can buy and does not take up much room at all. the skimmer works perfect and pulls out some nasty stuff. $375 (thats a 1/3 of retail price)

Koralia wavemaker system with 2 Koralia 3's only a year or so old I bought it new. still has factory warranty. SOLD

Best way to get ahold of me would be my cell I dont get on here that often. If you want to buy the lot I would do everything for $900 the thread really only gives pics of the light tank and stand. the sump skimmer all had been changed out after that picture was taken. if there is something in particular you want a picture of shoot me a text and I will send it to you.
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lol guess it would help if I gave my number, sorry
248-797-4809 Shawn
Tank and stand sold

Sump Sold

Koralia system Sold
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