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A beautiful 65g Fluval Vicenza 260 Limited Edition for sale. Almost brand new, it was used only for one month, and when you see it you won't even tell that it was used. Price is $1,200 and willing to hear your price and negotiate.
It includes
1. 65g Bow Front tank 48x18x25, predrilled with complete plumbing
2. Black Stand with three cabinets, two of them have a walnut color sliding doors and two shelves
3. 305 Fluval Canister Filter. It came with the aquarium (Just connect it and you're done.
4. 300W Digital Screen Fluval Heater E Searies, up to 100g
5. Lighting System includes Two T5 39W each Power Glo (On top) With timer, and One T4 Actinic light in the front of the Stand (Beautiful design) You will love it.
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