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75 AGA mixed reef-- sold locally...thanks !!

Well the time has come where I can no longer support this hobby so...I'm selling what i have...I would really love to sell it all as one.
$800 OBO

75 gallon tank cpr overflow with 20 gallon sump on painted pine stand

2 koralia evolution 1050's ( 4 months old)

MP40w gen 2

Hamilton dual 250 watt metal halide light with vho actinics

Koralia 1 in fuge

Euro reef skimmer

Large purple and green hammer

Small frogspawn frag along with larger 3 branches of frogspawn two different colors

Trumpet coral neon green

Happy people eater zoas 4 polyps

Several other zoas

Green toadstool leather

RBTA with 2 small hosted clowns

Yellow tank


Royal gramma

Coral banded shrimp

Clean up crew

Six line

Leave me a pm and i can send pics to your email or phone. Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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