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Hello All,
It's that time I upgraded my tank to a larger one. So I have a 75 gallon Clarity Plus Hex corner tank up for sale. It will be sold as complete setup minus the light due to the fact the cost of the light. Below is the list of items that comes with the system. 500 Firm for everything call or text 248 752 6599 Daryl for pics

Tank drilled with bulk head fittings for feed and return.

All plumbing

Acrylic canopy that will accept a AI hydra 26 hd fixture

Custom steel stand with a acrylic skirt to close out sump area

Custom built Bashsea sump/refugium

Rio 3100 return pump

Reef octopus 110 protein skimmer.

I can send pics . Tank size 24x24x24 hex and over all height is 5ft tall. And also it will fit as a corner display. Everything is cleaned and ready to go.


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