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75 gallon tear down equipment

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Have some leftover equipment for sale from a 75 gallon teardown, prices are negotiable.

75 gallon tank w/ corner overflow. Needs bulkheads. Includes 48" T-5 fixture and 40 gallon sump w/ 2 chambers - $75, was $100 SOLD

40 gallon sump w/ FIJI baffle kit (for reference https://www.fijicube.com/products/sump-baffle-kit-40-gallon-breeder-fiji-cube ) - $75 was $90 SOLD

Aquamaxx ConeS CO-1 skimmer - $150, used about 18 months

Reef Octopus HOB skimmer, I believe its a BH50, hasn't been used in about 4 years $15 was $25

~50# sand, was live about 2 weeks ago but is sitting in a bucket still wet outside $10 was $40

20 gallon long frag tank, drilled w/ overflow box $40, includes basic 24" t-5 fixture

~40-50# rock, same as the sand, $50
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$100 takes the 75 gallon w/ the basic light and 2 chamber sump
Prices updated. Make me an offer, I need to get this stuff out of the way.
hob skimmer

if you ewver get to the st. clair shores area let me know interested in hob skimmer
text me steve at 586-295-7062
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