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Perfect condition, NOT A SCRATCH ON EITHER- 75g wide aquarium with 55g refugium (Made by ALL GLASS AQUARIUM), Setup for saltwater can be used for fresh water. Engineered very well. In the hobby for 10yrs now. Upgraded to bigger tank. As you can see from low quality phone pictures, system is is in MINT condition. It is up and running now

* Custom engineered grid in main tank return
* Custom made refugium
* Dual overflow acrylic box into bio balls then 55g refugium
* 75g wide (48" x18" x 20")
* 55g- standard size 48" x 13"?
* Cast iron stand included
Posted on Craigslist Under Same heading for pics or I can send

-- Plumbing, bio box, acrylic dual overflow, most sand INCLUDED
Mag 7 pump(s), artificial (the best and realistic. I can give you website to place I bought, they never fade, no harmful chemicals and can actually become "live") coral inserts this was a custom package, fish , 125gph corallife super protein skimmer, metal halides, NOT INCLUDED - willing to part out, but not part of package

Asking $370 o.b.o Let me know if you have any GOOD saltwater aquarium supplies, Euro reef or Octopus,etc. protein skimmer (250gph+), 60" T5ho or LED, l.e.d lighting, willing to trade.Mag 9 + pump
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