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$800 Complete 240g System Milford

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Hi Folks,

Life is changing and with the retirement of my wife it means downsizing. We are selling our home and I have to sell my beloved Reef Tank. I've been doing this seriously since 1998.


$800 or B/O Must take all and carry all. I have a bad back and can help with the small stuff, but the tank, tubs etc, no.

Here are the particulars:

240gal Great Lakes Tank, never drilled 8'

2x 100 gal Rubbermaid tub sumps. Drilled in tandem to use 2 large tubes between them (sweet setup). First tub has the pellet reactors, ETSS 1400, heaters, A lot of LR and it has two 2" tubes connected to the next tub that has the intake for the Reeflow return, the ATO float and a screened floating refugium with algae and about 5 big rbtas that escaped from the pack.

2x ETSS 1400, but it's huge and takes a Panworld 250 to run or Iwaki 100. Has dual tubes in the back for the feed and it's about 4' high.

Reeflo Barracuda

6 or more LED lights. Tons more types in the back too, like T5's fixture(s)

Huge 1600gph Eshopps overflows plumbed with sewer pipe into the first tub that drains into the second tub where the Reeflo sends it back to the tank. One overflow needs one seal.

Lots of ph.

Tunzes x 4 or 5 can't remember

Iwaki pumps 50 and 70 I think. Might be a 100 too.

Pellet reactors



Old Aqua uv that still works needs bulb

Lots of parts

Lots more I can't remember.

2x 55 Plastic food certified water drums for salt mixing and turn a switch and it feeds the fresh salt water back into the system.

RO system 100gph membrane, piped into a float for the auto top off and piped into the 55 gal drums for refill after the water change.


At least 10 rbta's that are hosting 8 perculas

At least 5 toadstools (1 giant one)

Lots of Zoas

A little bit of frogspawn

Orange Yumas

Belus Angel female perfect condition with streamers

Timini Tang

Purple Tang hlle bad

Regal Tang hlle not bad, but huge

Spotted Gobi (shows up now and then)

psudocromis bicolor fat from all the bugs

Foxface perfect condition but huge

8 hosted perculas. Love the rbta's

Who knows what else is in there?

The tank is running now and has been for years. It runs itself and I've left for 18 days without checking it (I do have a camera on it, but that's all). Auto top off, Auto lights, Auto heat, Auto fan, Auto feed, Giant plumbing, valved so you can do a 100 gallon water change in about 15 to 30 minutes.

I've made this thing easy to maintain so I'm not married to it.

So here are the catches:

I won't part out. Maybe if this goes until Sept. I might sell Livestock as a whole bundle first, then the tank/tubs/equipment.

I need it all taken by the buyer and his two friends at least I'd think and their 8' bed pickup. Cash or Paypal please.

Thanks in advance,

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Please contact me at 989-992-4951 thanks dan
Hey Dan,
You're number 4 on the list.
PM is the key
$100 deposit holds the system
I'll text the next guy if the previous guy falls through.
Thanks for the interest!
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