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SOLD but with 2 G2 Radion lights remaining. $250 each firm.

90 G tank, stand, equipment, and 2 G2 Radion lights. $900 firm for everything. Will not separate.

Lights are awesome and have grown great coral colonies, including SPS and Acros. I'm valuing these at $250 each. (includes 2 power supplies).

Tank and stand originally from Preuss.

Equipment includes:
Eshopps RS200 sump
Danner mag 9.5 submersible pump
Coralife 65 protein skimmer
Phosban reactor 150
Auto top-off system
RODI system
3 submersible heaters (1 never used)
2 Koralia circulation pumps
1 Vortech MP-10 circulation pump
8x8x4 media block
some dry rock

Please PM with interest.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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