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*update on system sellout*

to all those that want stuff the l/r , skimmer, and moonrock are gone.... fri. i left to tennessee for vacation and sean made it here first on thurs. night so he took it all.....here is what is left...:
acrylic wet/dry sump with bio balls ,overflow box,and return pump for tanks upto 120 gal.. $100
2 250w metal halide pendants..with ballasts,10k bulbs, and timers $275 (i will throw in some fans)
2 110 watt vho actinics 48" with ice cap ballast and all wires..$75
100lbs of live sand been in tank for over a year full of critters $1 a lb.
big elegance---$20
huge gsp rock--40
big long tentacle plate---$20
neon green zoo---30
yellow polyp /zoo rock--$20
finger leather--15
toadstool leather--15
pink branching bubble 7 heads---$45
spiny urchin--$15
i am home from vac now.... so first come first serve let me know asap...
989-288-7707 ( rob)

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Thanks for the corals Rob!
Got them home and all settled in and all are looking great.

FYI everyone
the elegance,bubble,finger leather,yellow polyp/orange zoa rock are gone!

I saw the rest and they are all nice stuff and Rob is a real nice guy
wish I would have had enough money with me for the long tentacle plate too
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