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90 gallon acrylic aquarium with built in overflow / stand / sump / rio 2500 return pump.

Has scratches!!!
But when full of water they (all but a few) disappear...
can only see 2 small scratches (right next to each other) in the front about a 1/4 of an inch long (shown in pictures circled in red, and video).

The left side has a scratch (also shown in pictures)...

It can easily be ran like it is or buff the tank out if you prefer?

Once the tank is empty you can see every scratch in it....
There are some scratches when not full of water!!!

But like I said when full of water they all disappear except a few.
(I only see 3 when it's full of water all shown in the pictures and video)

That is a glare from the flash of the camera in the front view picture near the canister filter hose..It is not a scratch!!!

Tank is full of water and running (sitting in my kitchen right now) But I need my kitchen back!!!
I will empty the tank once it's sold (only take about 10/15 minutes to drain it)...

First $150 cash gets it....
tank/stand/sump/return pump only (canister filter and the light are not included).

Debri in the water is because I had just turned the pump on and it stirred up what little sand that was left in the tank.
It has now settled and the water is crystal clear!!!

Pick up only...
Located at the Shelby Township / Rochester border area (M-59 and Dequindre rd area)

I had this posted in social media groups with nothing but private msg's followed by no-shows....

This is a last attempt to get it out of my kitchen or in the next day or two I'll make some room somewhere in my house and use it again myself.

First $150 cash (FIRM) can have it....



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