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90 Gallon Setup, T5, MH, sump, livestock

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I am selling my 90 gallon set up. I just do not have time for this hobby anymore.
90g glass aquarium drilled 1.5", it has scratches, bought it this way looks okay once cleaned up. Lighting is Two 250w MH w/ 8-10 extra used bulbs. Two 48" T5 bulbs and LEDS made into the canopy. 20g Long sump. At least 160 Lbs of live rock. Livestock: engineer goby, yellow tang, pair of ocellaris clowns, canary wrasse, red sea star, red thorny star, misc hermit crabs and snails. I have a lot of money into this. Looking for $500 obo. My phone is broken at the moment, email [email protected] thanks.
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