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Have a 95 gallon Corner Acrylic tank with everything you need to run it. Has approximately 100 lbs of rock, 17 different Zoa/Paly frags (Rasta, utter chaos, cinnamon palys, candy apple reds, and more). Three different frogspawn (2X) large colonies and a single head of gold. A large colony of neon green candy canes, 3 different acan frags, and a three headed drag of duncans. Also has two rainbow bubble tip nems one about 4 in the other about 2. Fish are a pair of wyoming white clowns, two chromis, a false yellow tang, and a magnificent fox face. Comes with jabeo wave maker, two new heaters, and pump. Can sell the light with the tank but will need to bump up price. Contact me at 5868439334 for fastest response. Looking for 1700 for entire setup.
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