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A Close Call

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Well I came home today and had to let the puppy out of his cage. I then proceeded to my usual routine, work on the tank. Well I turned around and seen our puppy (Rex) chewing on something, well naturally I grabbed it and thank god I did. Looks like he wanted to chew on my unopend container of RSR. Now Im not sure if he would have gotten sick but I'm glad I got it out oh his paws. Curiosity makes me wonder if it would get an animal sick espcially with the concentration of it in the container. Well needless to say I now have no directions on how to use it, not that I planned on using it just yet. Why couldnt he have just chewed on some carbon!

Oh well, all is good and Rex is unhappy I took his toy. BTW - He says hi.
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Add some springy cordlocks to his cage so he cannot get out again. You were lucky in that you caught him.

Puppies can get into all sorts of bad stuff in the blink of an eye.

Also, make sure you DO NOT put a collar on him when in his cage.

Let's just say I've had up close and personal experience with my puppy nearly strangulating himself to death because his collar was caught on parts of the cage! :(

Do not let that happen to you.

Provide lots of good chew toys. But be careful of the rawhide bones etc. They can chew off big chunks and swallow them whole. Later, they get lodged in their intestines and cause all sorts of problems that way too.
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