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A Close Call

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Well I came home today and had to let the puppy out of his cage. I then proceeded to my usual routine, work on the tank. Well I turned around and seen our puppy (Rex) chewing on something, well naturally I grabbed it and thank god I did. Looks like he wanted to chew on my unopend container of RSR. Now Im not sure if he would have gotten sick but I'm glad I got it out oh his paws. Curiosity makes me wonder if it would get an animal sick espcially with the concentration of it in the container. Well needless to say I now have no directions on how to use it, not that I planned on using it just yet. Why couldnt he have just chewed on some carbon!

Oh well, all is good and Rex is unhappy I took his toy. BTW - He says hi.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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