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A couple questions about clownfish

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First off, I have a small swarm of black mollies in my 65 gallon tank that i put in when I raised it from brackish to salt salinities in order to keep it cycled. Since they made the move they have slowly increased from 3 to about 15. Although the first couple generations are too large, the clownfish seem to be keeping their numbers in check by eating each succeding generation. Is this OK for them? Id imagine it is, but I dont want to take a chance.

Second, I have a mater pair of false percs. Just recently the male has begun hiding frquently, only coming out for food, while the female seems to pace back and forth across part of the rockface. Is this a possible sign that they may be spawning? I tried looking in the area where he disappears to, but I couldnt see anything, including him in the cave. They have both been tolerant of any fish nearby, but now the female seems to ward off any fish that come near, except my Royal Gramma. They also used to roam the tank freely together.

Also anybody near kalamazoo want some mollies to start a breeding program, these ones have been in saltwater their whole lives and seem to do well enough that they have no problems breeding in it.
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