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I have a few items that I would like to sell.
I would be willing to deliver or meet anyone in the general area.

29G tank - $10 Sold to Jsarti
Would be good for sump, back is painted blue, and it has some scratches

24” Coralife Aqualight Deluxe - $50 sold to tripple6terror
It holds 2 – 65W PC bulbs and has 2 fans built in.
Both of the bulbs work, but should be replaced soon.

About 10 pounds of Miracle Mud - $25
5 pounds is 1 year old and the other 5 pounds is less then 2 months old.

Overflow - $30 sold to Fender
I am not sure of the GPH on this unit, but I will check into it.

Percula clown - $10 Sold to Raptor
I have had this a little over a year. It is tank raised about 1 ½- 1 ¾ long with a nice deep orange coloring. It was the female in a pair in which the male thought that it could fly.

Possibly some live rock – I am waiting on a possible buyer right now.
If this does not go thru, or there is any left it will be $2-3 a pound.
This is not colored up that much as it was mostly from the
middle of the stack covered by other pieces.



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Here is what I found out so far. I hope this helps you out.
I can’t find the formula that I used before to figure out GPH.
It is made by Acrylic Creations Inc. in Sylvania, Ohio
Inside box is 2 ¾ X 6 X 6
Outside box is 3 X 6 X 8
The u-tube is 1 ¼” inside dia.
The drain line is 1 ¼” inside dia. and about 2’ long that connects to standard PVC.
I have a 90° elbow and a 4” straight piece attached to the end that can be removed.

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