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a few ?'s

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Ok after I Lost 8 fish overnight to a starfish that I removed I replaced one of those fish. It was a lawnmower blenney that I replaced. The one I had was 6 and half inches long. well anyways the new one I have is about 3" long right now. When I bought it its belly was normal. not fat and not skinny. Well today I noticed that its stomach is huge. I almost thought it was pregnant. could this be a problem? I know its eating flake food but thats not all its eating. I dont have an algae problem so I dont really know what else it is eating cept maybe the hard green algae on the back glass(its also on front but I havent had time in last 2 weeks to clean the front glass). Any thoughts as to why this lawnmower blenny is really fat and if I should worry about it?

The next ? I have is has anyone seen a yellow Leather split? My yellow leather used to be round all the way around it. now the entire middle seems to be closing. It looks like a mushroom or ricordia splitting cept its bigger. if you look down at it the middle has a dark line going across where the trunk of the leather is "caving in". I think its splitting but not sure. all the yellow polyps are extending fully during the lights being on. The reason I think its splitting is because it looks like all the ricordia and mushrooms that I have had split.

The other ? is on frogspawn. is there such a thing as over extended polyps on frogspawn? It is amazing to watch my newly acquired frogspawn(actually ive had it a week) go from almost completly withdrawn to fully open. its a perty frogspawn.

Thanks for answer my ?'s =]. seems funny that I have had this tank up almost a year and a half and I still have ?'s.
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Are you feeding nori to any other fish?
My blenny loves nori and eats it till he looks like his belly is going to explode.
The frogspawn is probably just "checking out the neighborhood"
They are fairly aggresive and can extend their tentacles a long ways.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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