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About to give up

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I have a number of sps, lps, soft corals, inverts, doing very well in my tank. I can't keep a fish and corals together however. I have had lingering problems with fish parasites and tail rot.

I just re-introduced my 2 tomato clowns after leaving my tank fallow for one month, and I noticed white scum on the edges of the fins and tail. Both clowns are working vigorously to train my 2 ft Condy. They are getting stung after being seperated for a month. (might be from the stings)
I did notice that the tail of the larger clown was slightly chewed. Possibly from the Yellow Angel they were sharing the hospital tank with. (He is still there)
Is this the result of poor water quality in the hospital tank that they were in? The filter is poor, 20 gal.
Can they overcome tail rot without medicating my reef tank? Or is that what it is?

Last time I let the tank run fallow for 2 months, same problems. But it was Ick.

Do I need to gut the tank, sterilize the tank and start over?

Should I give up on this near impossible dream of keeping healthy fish and corals together?
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I have two percs and when I put them in the tank they both got a slimy white coating on them. I did a freshwater dip for about 3 or 4 min. two days in a row. It saved them and once in a while the larger one gets some spots of ich and slime, but very little.

He fights it off everytime. The smaller one had scales fall off of his side and lost part of its dorsal fin. The fin grew back and the scales are coming back but there is a scar there.

I also treated the tank with GREENEX but that was before I had inverts. It says invert safe.
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