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I have several frags and a lg dual coral rock available for sale or trade. (see my post in trading forum)

Ice Blue colored Torte this may be Oregon torte, it is different in color than my other blue torte, it has no green as does the Cali torte. Big bushy frag multi branch approx 1" see pic of frag below

Red Acan Lord Frag on small rock. 4-5 heads Nice Scarlet color with orange ring on some purple rings on others. See pic of frag next to mother colony. Fast grower

Bird of paradise frag 1/2" sold
Pink zipper frag 2 p sold

Large 2-3 lb rock with 4-5 bue- purple mushrooms and large 3" purple cap $25
rock is 8-10" long by 6" wide see pic (small milli not included)

Blue xenia on small rocks $5 ea
small purple cap (idaho grape) 1" $5

Loose Purple -blue mushroom $5es
same mushrooms as in large rock pic

14 mile and I 94 area
Call for times
586-295-9309 Mark
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