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Advice for selling a MONSTER tank

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Let me preface my first post by saying I was once a reef tank enthusiast, but now have been an African Cichlid keeper for 20 years. Please do not hold that against me. Lol. But this post is about a tank that literally was dropped in my lap. My good friends purchased a home that has an empty 700+ gallon acrylic tank that they do not want. It's dimensions are 11.5' x 29"H x 36"W. It is on a custom stand with a chiller, two wet/dry filters and multiple tunze pumps and controllers. It does not have a top or lighting. I would love to take it off their hands but the effort required to get it in my house, clean it up, and switch it out with my 135G tank, I just don't have.

So my question is...Are there buyers our there looking for a tank this big? I can only guess that there was invested well over $10K(if not more) when this tank was new. I can post pics, but if this forum is like others I belong to, you must have a number of posts before that can happen.
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Curious as to what exactly the price is that they want for this tank. Considering the expense with the move, and other costs I’d like to see if it would be a possible purchase. There is always a market for large tanks, but some, like this one slides into the almost too big length wise. Thanks john. 3134002145 is my contact info if you’d rather text.
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