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After swap sale!!!

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well the swap was great had a lot of fun and saw a bunch of friends but did not sell all the extras that I have. Well as most swaps go have some really nice pieces left for sale. There are lobo's, polyps, sps, and some lps!

i have a few different frags of the green speckled palys. most are 3 polyps. there is a few 2 polyps and one large mini-colony. the prices are $25, $35, and $55 for the mini-colony!

ORA dunkins. $30 - $40 3-4 head frags

Lobo's are priced from $25 - $55

frag of meany greeny's $15

I also have frags of aleviaporia! (hope that is the way to spell it) 2 frags available. $25-$30.

I do not know what type of sps this is but I heard it called "incredible Hulk coral" complete colony $65

I have one frag of this frogspawn cause it fragged itself. :( there is 2 heads $25

frags of blowpops! $25

This pic shows the frag of NIGHTMARES 3polyps for $60
2 different frags of God of War! $50 per polyp!
frag of spidermans $45
There is also a frag of Lord of Atlantis acans $75

2 different frags of ORA purple plociporia $25-$30

I also have a bunch of other stuff for sale. Zapper for $70. 75gal tank not drilled $60. There is a pink and golds, red magicians, true rastas, charms, and ect. If you are interested in anything let me know 5867467606 you can call me, text me, pm me, or email me at [email protected]
here is some of the items that I have
Pictures by imgod2469 - Photobucket

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hope this bumps me up in line. I have had a few people interested but I still have more!
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bump if possible

bump for some really cool corals and great prices. call me i can deliver within reason.
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