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I have put this day off as long as I can, The michigan economy has claimed another
reef. I am not getting out but must move and will not ba able to take this with me.
SO, For a short time only my loss can be someones dream. Beacuse I'd like to keep
the pain breif, I am going to make a huge sacrifice. I will sell the entire system and all the
misc. bits and peices I have laying arround for one super low price. Parting out... See that thread...

All Equipment, Livestock and with a couple of exceptions coral.
This price is only good for the next week or two. than I will part it out.
I really do not want that hassle so would like this to go in one big package.

Please refrain from posting or pming about parting out, they will be ignored and
not concidered if and when I do re-list as parted out. That will be a new post.

210 AGA tank with overflows (a few minor scratches but otherwise in great condition)
200lbs Prime Fiji live rock
Mag 12 return pump
100 gal Rubbermaid sump
Large DIY Skimmer
36x18x12 bottom drilled frag tank
150-200lbs Live sand (salt and pepper)
2 - Seio 2600 power heads
175W Merc Vapor refuge pendent, light 65k bulb
175W MH pendant w/tar ballast pendent, 10k bulb
250W MH dual Core/coil ballast with 2 - reflectors and 2 -14K bulbs
400W MH Tar ballast with reflector and 20k bulb
VHO setup Aro 220W ballast, 2 24 actinic bulbs and waterproof end caps
48 VHO bulbs 10k
2 - 250-300W heaters
DIY auto top off system and 30 gallon reservoir
Misc Boxes of pumps/filters parts supplies etc.
250W MH Coil/Core ballast (bare)
18 gal tote remote deep sandbed 150lbs livesand

Mated Pair of Clarki Clowns 3yrs old (have spawned)
Mated pair of Lyretail Chromis (spawn regularly)
Mated Pair of Oscy Clowns (have spawned)
Yellow Tang 3-4
Scopas Tang 3-4
Powder Brown Tang 5-6
Med-Large Purple Tang 5-6
Copper Band Butterfly (Proven Aptasia eater)
Pair of orange lined chromis (3-4)
Yellow chromis (small)
Psudo Chromis
Blue Linkia star
brown/black serpant star
grey brittle star
black brittle star
misc snails & hermit crabs
Med. Figi feather duster
8 Gigas Clam
Large long spine urchins
asernia stars

Large 8-10 Across 8 high toadstool
Large finger leather colony 10x 6x 5 (may split into frags)
cabbage leather
Kenya tree
Peach mouth zoas
green zoas
orange zoas
pink gorgonian (Large)
Devels hand leather
Purple/pink recordia
hairy mushroom rock
Green star pollups (covering 12 x 15 or more of back glass and several rocks)
bright green flouresent sinularia
Many Misc zoa frags
Unique Clove pollup, covers several rocks.
Pulsing xenia

Mini Carpet Anemone
Mini Bubble tip
3-4 Rose Bubble tip
pink tipped tulip

please note: the Yellow Figi leather and on of the 2 RBTA's in the pic's will be staying with me and are not included.

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Do you have any pictures of the clown pairs? thanks!.. I can see them in the small pictures... but I was wondering if you had any better shots of them.

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Not that anyone really needs me to tell them but i have gotten frags and such from him. This set up is AMAZING! Everything in it is Amazing! You will not find a better steal for everything they've got. Hope it sells in one shot for you so the pain is minimal.

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Thanks Trigger, :( this is quite painfull as is. As for the Clowns, I can try, but with just a camera phone it's not likly to be much better. When I part out then I try for better pics. If you want to see the whole tank an appt can ba made.

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Just a reminder....

Please refrain from posting or pming about parting out, they will be ignored and
not concidered if and when I do re-list as parted out. That will be a new post.

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Evning bump, Lots of interest, but still available. Imagin trying to set up a fully stocked and equiped 210 for the price....
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