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AIO Show Frag Tank Setup

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UPDATE: I could do $350 for the whole package, and I can throw in some a frag or two also. (Gold Ultra Torch, Frogspawn, and some others)

I have a AIO frag tank setup that I am thinking about unloading as I am not really using it. Here are the components:

1. 24x24x8 Acrylic Frag Tank with pump. This is exactly it:

24x24x8 Rimless All In One Frag Acrylic Frag Tank Aquarium (Racks included) | eBay

$250. Comes with return pump, racks, camera box, heater, and homemade wood stand.

2. Evergrow LED. $75

3. Jebao WP-10. $25

4. DIY ATO with pump. $40

5. DIY Controller. Raspberry Pi, custom programmed to control a custom built outlet box (8 outlets). Currently configured to control lights automatically, and web interface for toggling outlets on/off. If you are tech savvy this would be good for you, and you can set it up to do much more. I just never got around to it. You could also use this for anything else non reef related. It's essentially a raspberry pi kit, with wiring to a custom built 8 outlet box with 8 relays in it that can be controlled by the raspberry pi however you like. Could turn it into a video game emulator if you wanted also. $75

Total is $465 on these. I'd sell the whole package for $400.

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So me saying that I will pick up Sunday morning isn't good enough? Have to see if you can get a better offer? If you don't want to hold it you just had to say so.
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