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Aiptasia on the inside of clam?

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I have a Derasa clam that has a few Aiptasia on the inside of his shell. Right where the mantle comes out. So I can not get to them while he is closed. They are keeping him from fully extending his mantle. Any thoughts, tips and help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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I can definately post a pic or two tomorrow.

The aiptasia are just inside the clam shell. Where the mantle extends out from, those booggers are right on the edge of the lip. Their feet are attatched to pink on what looks like the shell. Cannot tell if there is flesh under were they are attached or not.
Yeah sometimes they extend out eough to see their tentacles, but their foot is still hidden.

On a side not, I just got this guy on Tuesday, didn't know the aiptasia were so far in. I was able to siphon one of them out today, but then the clam closed on the siphon and I am a little worried to do it more as I do not want to damage his mantle.
The reefer that I got the Derasa from is giving me a couple of Berghia to try and combat the Aiptasia. I hope they can get them.
Thank you Tom for the encouraging words. It is good to know that the clam could come back from this and be healthy once more.

Thanks again
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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