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Picked up a few CUC members the other day. Hair algae was starting to get out of control and I had started to see some bubble algae and red slime algae. I don't have the funds to pick up a complete custom clean up crew, so I tried to target some members that would at least help. Picked up 2 emerald crabs (I believe I got a male and female, one is really bright green and has larger claws). I also picked up a peppermint shrimp because I had seen a couple of young Aiptasia. Emeralds have been killing the hair algae but haven't touched the bubble algae. The Peppermint Shrimp has decimated the couple of Aiptasias I found too. The other item I picked up was a red and pink sea cucumber. I'm not sure what he'll do for me exactly and I probably should have researched a bit more before I picked him up, but so far so good. Any suggestions on CUC members for the red slime before we're out of control? The only other livestock I have are 12 blue hermits and the two B&W Occelaris. Water Underwater Coastal and oceanic landforms Fish Marine biology
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